Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Friends! It’s been ages. I know that I am quite on the edge of failing, but there has been much mayhem afoot (and good things too).

I am trying to get two videos edited, but my camera – the trusty little red camera which survived Europe and Cambodia, died upon returning state-side. Terribly sad day. I lost all the footage of my last week in England, including London pictures, video of my last, epic party, and snap-shots of my dear Wesley House friends. There has been a part of me which has been loath to update out of protest (even though that’s just silly, but hey – that’s me, right?). 

I am, however, updating from a few of my more recent adventures, because y'all should know that just because I’m back in good old Atlanta, I haven’t given up adventuring! There’s much to do here – And I am going to attempt to do it ALL!

This past weekend was the 41st annual Atlanta Pride march through Midtown. I walked for the first time, and oh my goodness it was amazing! To be surrounded by hundreds (thousands?) of people who were cheering and rejoicing in all the love and joy of honest and authentic self expression was amazing. And, to represent a divinity school – a population so often considered to be non-affirming, was a gift. On many levels being apart of this celebration was as much a religious experience as carrying the Cross to Walsingham at Easter (I promise to write a post about that too!). 

I'm pretty in pink representing Sacred Worth!

Atlanta Gets Festive!

Megan is shy...and all the Emory kids decide to match (except me)

A float of amazing drag Queens and a timeline of the AIDS pandemic in America...moving in so many ways

 I didn't take pictures of the enormous crowds, but I wish I had. There were thousands of people lining the streets, cheering and clapping. Several of the churches we passed had members (and clergy!) handing out water along the roadside to walkers. It was like Christmas, and Mardi Gras, and Halloween and Purim and all sorts of good times rolled into one march. And it was empowering. To know that all people are affirmed and surrounded by the love of God and neighbor is powerful. It was my first time being at Pride (and as I like to do - I go all the way or not at all, so of course I walked it). 

It is a beautiful reminder of why I came back home, no matter how far I stray: Atlanta, for all it's craziness, is a place of hospitality and welcome. May I strive to open the arms of welcome to all people, near and far. For, I like the Hebrews, have been a stranger and a strange land, and profoundly respect the need for a little love and generosity.

 And all God's people said, Amen.

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