Sunday, July 17, 2011

Return of the Sojourner

Friends, I have been living in the proverbial whirlwind! This has been a season of coming and going, of packing and moving, and of catching up with life. I am safely back “home” in Atlanta and can report that my flight across the pond was thankfully uneventful. I have spent the last three weeks attempting to adjust back to Southern American heat and humidity – with only mixed success.

I have many more adventures to tell y’all! There is still my Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham and my trip to Scotland and North Umbria which have yet to be related. I have yet to bring you the joyous story of why I came home in June instead of July (which includes my ginger auntie, a purple wedding dress and a really awesome jazz band). And – most recently – I have stories to share about the Conyers Presbyterian Church summer mission trip to Gulf Port, Mississippi.

There is SO MUCH left to tell, so many adventures which are owed a bit of internet space. And, my hope is that I will continue to have adventures to share with y’all. I may not be living abroad any more, but that is no reason for the stories and escapades to end. So I’ll be here – hopefully more regularly than I have been these last several months – updating about my travels near and far, and maybe even telling a good joke or two to boot.

Cheers y’all!

Top C hallmates, 2011!

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