Sunday, February 6, 2011

Epic Fail and Egypt

Don't be alarmed by the title - this post isn't about a potential for Epic fail in Egypt! Rather, it's a recaping of my re-evaluation of goals (i.e. the epic fail) and thoughts on what going on in Cairo (Egypt).

First to epic fail. It's rather obvious that my attempts to make 2 videos a week have, shall I say, been rather lacking. I could blame it on being overwhelmed with work, but until the last week and a half, that wasn't the case. And, I could blame it on the fact that my computer got sick and had to be taken to the doctor, but I was only without access for about 2.5 days, so that doesn't sufficiently explain things either. No, the blame rests upon my own shoulders. I'm a lazy bum! But I have been practicing the piano (and will do as soon as this post is finished). And I have been running regularly, until I pulled something and the doctor told me to rest (not run) for TWO weeks. :( But the novel and the dating have also been epic fail thus far in the year. Ah, such is life.

Now, Egypt. There are so many things I could comment on! The beauty of people banding together for postive change. The horror of peaceful protests turned violent. Instead of dribbling on about revolution as a double-edged sword, I'll leave you with a video I made last week, and an ultra-brief introduction of what's happening in Egypt by John Green. I hope these videos are food for thought.

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