Thursday, January 6, 2011


2010 has ended and 2011 has begun. A year full of adventures, travel and wild experiences bleeds over.
It's odd that New Years never really feel like a chapter marker for me. Maybe that's because I've always been intimately tied to the academic calendar and the beginning and ending of school years has held more importance in my every day life. I've pretty much been in school FOREVER (oye) and my dad was a college professor. I counted my years from August to July, rather than January to December. But, the rest of the world does things differently. Silly world. :)
Lest I wax too nostalgic, I present TWO videos for the price of one. I know it's overwhelming - you best get ready for the sheer amount of awesome that's fixin' to fill your screens! Video one is a recap of 2010 - a brief look over all my travels, from South East Asia to rural Minnesota, to urban England. Video two is a quick recap of New Years Eve and my top 7 goals for 2011.

This has been such a great adventure - I hope all y'all stick around for more! :)

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