Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brekke & Kristin's Excellent Adventure, part I

Hello friends and family!
So much has transpired in the month since I've posted! We've been released for a month of Easter holidays (fantastic, isn't it?). I've been traveling here, there and everywhere collecting pictures and stories to share with y'all. I've had guests and been a guest. I've even found the time to finish some of my classwork!

Two weeks ago one of my dearest friends in the whole, wide world, Kristin, came to visit me. She flew from Charlotte NC to London then, after many trials and tribulations found the right train to bring her to Cambridge.  What a reunion!
Kristin strolls through an 11th century garden!
We went punting - which is sitting in a flat-bottomed wooden boat, which is like a cross between a raft and a canoe - which is what all tourists do when they visit Cambridge. It's the best way to see the colleges!
 Kings College in all its glory

After a lovely day we got up at the crack of dawn (seriously!) to fly to Amsterdam. Amsterdam was fantastic!

Here is a video of our epic adventures!

We went to museums, and art galleries, and rode boats on the canals!
boats along the canal!

The Anne Frank statue - they don't allow photography inside the museum, so this will have to do!

There's something romantic about the canals. I can see why people flock to Venice. They are a delightful and charming feature of the city!

Kristin and I both agree - we'd like to go back!
In two days there just isn't time to see everything you'd like to see. I know I'd like to go back when it's warmer and the tulips are in bloom! But, we journeyed on, from Amsterdam to Paris by train, passing through Antwerp and Brussels (although we stayed on the train and didn't dare set foot off it - we've had our fair share of traveling difficulties).
Three days in Paris! I'll save that for another post. Until then, I hope y'all are well. I send  my love - and a reminder that I'll be home in just a mere 2.5 months! Imagine where the time has gone.

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