Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rome Adventure, Part II

Hello friends!
Despite some nasty weather and a 2.5 hour travel delay, I have returned from my trip to Barcelona! But all those misadventures will be saved for another day (like tomorrow). Now, I present to you, Roman Holiday, part two. :)

Rome really is an amazing place. The Roman Forum was jaw-droppingly awesome. There were so many ruins it was nearly impossible to look at them all!

The Pantheon, under renovation

The Coliseum 

Look how awesome it is!

I think this is Titus' victory Arch at the Forum

The Temple to Antonio and Faustina

Domitian's water garden

Marda and Josh puzzle over random ruins

Trevi Fountain!

Rome is a magical place. It houses some of the world's best-preserved ruins. It boasts many of the world's best known pieces of art. It ranks among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. You could spend a lifetime and still not uncover all of the Eternal City's mysteries. No wonder people keep going back. :)

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