Monday, August 9, 2010

Cabin by a Lake

My family owns a small fishing cabin that sits right on the water in Ontario, Canada. The Cabin was built in the '70s and exudes the traditional (and loved but stereotypical) exposed wood interior. The scenery is breath-taking (and if I wasn't having to use a library computer, I'd upload some shots). I can look out onto the calm waters of the lake, surrouned by towering fir trees and covered by a wide blue sky. It's quite, and I listen to the shuffling of squirrels and rabbits, hear the squabbling of woods ducks and blue jays.
It's nice to get away from the constant to-and-fro, go go go of city life.
Mostly. I really miss having the Internet. Not being able to connect with friends and family at will is not only frustrating, it's lonely. Any half-spun fantasy I had of being a pioneer has been thoroughly dashed.
But, it is a beautiful country. Even if the wifi leaves much to be desired.

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