Friday, June 18, 2010

Word of the Day...

I’ve been learning a few words of Khmer here and there. A few essentials have helped me in awkward situations. So, I’m going to give y’all a few words of Khmer, which can help if you ever find yourself stranded in Cambodia.

Akun = “Thank you”
Som = “please”
Tuck = “water”
Muy = 1
Be = 2
Bai = 3
Boon = 4
Pram = 5
Sous-dye = “Hello” and Arron sous-dye = “Good morning”
Lee-hai = “Good bye”

Interestingly enough, Khmer doesn’t have a word for ‘no’ – they use English no do indicated dissent. Apparently before the introduction of ‘no’ into the language, if someone were to answer the questions are you hungry, they’d say “yes, I’m not hungry.” Strange, eh?

I’ll try to pick up a few more words and do another Khmer lesson in a few days!


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