Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burn, baby, burn!

Today Sara and I went adventuring. It was quite a good little adventure on our Saturday off. We saw the local pagoda complex, waved at some monks, were “hello-ed” by about 50 children, and managed not to sell ourselves into marriage by accident.

However, no adventure comes without some kind of hiccup and mine is a particularly purplely-red hiccup. That’s right, friends, I have a lovely stripe of sunburn from where I somehow missed applying my SPF 50 sunscreen.  It’s on my shoulder and – don’t let the camera fool you – it’s a deep reddish purple. It doesn’t hurt yet, which is actually a little concerning.

The arrow indicates where the said burn took place. Evidence of the burn in the very act.

Here is a video showing you the damaged the sun has wreaked upon my skin. It's a lovely crescent shape and is going to give me hours of grief when I have my backpack on. You haven't really lived until you've been sunburned in Southeast Asia, right? :/   


If the above wasn't proof enough, here is another awesome picture of my lobster-burn.

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  1. That looks awful! Cambodia looks beautiful, though! I miss you like crazy. Stay safe. LIOB